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This isn’t mine, I found it on pinterest. BUT, it is a very good wand tutorial.

I need me a hot glue gun hot damn


Everyone is getting wands for christmas.

Love this idea

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still the best thing thats ever come out of his mouth

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I wonder how many people will not realize what this represents. Reblog if you do.


So this person took Gangnam Style, removed the music, and added back in the sound effects of the environments in which the video took place. It’s strange and fantastic. 

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Sorry, your password must contain the entire alphabet, your left foot, a theme song to a television show, and the blood of your enemies.

#sometimes i ask the screen #am i creating a password #or am i creating a horcrux

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BeerMo 6 Pack Black, 9% off now featured on Fab.Fab.comHaving perfected the full-face fuzz, Beardo turned their attention to the lippy style favored by Dali, Tom Selleck, and Super Mario. The BeerMo Six Pack gives beer-swillers some mojo—plus you’ll never lose sight of your drink. Slip the hygienic silicone moustache around the neck of your bottle (or perhaps your baby’s pacifier) for a perfect handlebar moustache.

Need a laugh? This blog is just what you need!

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